Sunday, 1 April 2012

Goose & Button Have a Relaxing Day!

Our DEEPEST apologies for not posting in ages! Yeah sorry about that, I'm just not used to having much internet responsibility.
There really is no excuse except sheer laziness! 
Aslan has been working quite a bit lately and I (Estée) am trying to tie up all of the loose ends from Uni!

Today we decided to keep things quite low key which is our favourite thing to do. Seriously, low key is the way forward. If you're idea of a great day off ends starts with shopping and then ends with clubbing then we cannot be friends. On the other hand if you like to browse, drink tea and watch useless TV then we can talk!
We started off the day VERY slowly. 
Woke up at around 10AM & browsed the internet in bed & chatted about nothing for awhile.
Just look at those worn keys, oh yeah.
THEN I forced Aslan to go down to the kitchen & get me my favourite sweet snack of the moment!
(Belgian waffles! They have big chunks of sugar inside MmMmMm!)
There was also a nice old cup of tea, but I managed to spill it all over the bed. WOOPS! I got mad, I dont know even why because it wasn't even that bad. Nothing a little asswipe (as Estée's Mum calls it) couldn't fix.
Eventually, we both knew it was time to wake up & get crackin'.
I had a nice long shower, dried my hair & put a little makeup on!
One thing to mention about a shower though is that it doesn't have a great air flow so its always fun finding the right balance between an unenjoyable short drench or everything is dripping with condensation. 
Our room is VERY messy at the moment.
My makeup table is always in complete disarray & I couldn't take it anymore!
QUICK little tidy & I felt a bit better!
It may still look cluttered, but at least I know where everything is!
Gotta love NEOM candles, too (this one's rose)!
If you want to see some of my rose-scented products, click here!
Quick little shot of my outfit!
Nothing special, but I got the cardigan from Monki (I really like it!) in Amsterdam awhile ago.
Have you ever read our post about Amsterdam? It's actually on my beauty blog, so if you want to see more about that crazy trip CLICK HERE!
Here's Aslan (Goose) looking gorgeous!
He was starving & that's a good thing because we were headed to a delicious Italian restaurant called Pellicano which is in Chealsea. RITZY!
His mum's treat of course! 
Tried to do a full outfit shot, but failed miserably. 
LOOK! You can see our bathroom (aka the condensation station)! 
Here's Aslan peering over at someone on the tube.
I have no idea what he's looking at, but he seems quite unimpressed. Bloody tourists.
I absolutely LOVE his shoes/boots! They're from COS I believe!
We met up with Aslans mum & sister & took a stroll into my new favourite store called Heal's!
I've never heard of this place, but there is some AWESOME stuff in there!
Oh, what it must feel like to have an unlimited cash supply!!
Here I am doing a fox/skunk face. So cute!
Then we headed off to the movies! We saw Once Upon a Time in Anatolia. 
Not my personal favourite, but everyone else seemed to like it.
We walked a little down the road from Heal's and went to the Curzon Cinema which is nice as it makes a change from the ODEON/Cineworld chains, the Chelsea Curzon has a nice screening room that has a sort of nostalgic grandness about it. Reminds me of wide cut suits, skinny ties, smoking inside and women wearing bright red lipstick. 

The movie was directed by a Turkish director named Nuri Bilge Ceylan who has made some great art-house films. The film was pretty good, but it is definitely not something you should watch expecting a neat story or something easily accessible. It is a story about how a murder investigation unfolds over one night; nothing really happens, yet it makes you think about almost everything. 
& that's it! That was our day!
Waited at the tube station for a few minutes & we were on our way back to the comfort of our bedroom!
Nothing TOO interesting, but a lot of you have been on my case about posting! 
Yeah sorry about that ladies and gents, will try to make more of an active effort from now.


  1. My mom and I discovered the Heal's on Tottenham Court Road today, we got lost in there for over an hour. It was amazing, totally agree about the feeling of longing for endless supply of cash! Sounds like the perfect day :) x

  2. Sounds like a lovely day :) My fiance and I are similar in that a quiet day like this is much more up our alley than partying out late!

  3. What are you/did you study at uni Estée??x

  4. Owls were supplanted by foxes, and now they've been supplanted by ESSIE.

  5. Sounds like the perfect day, to me! I love lazing around in bed in the morning - unfortunately, I can't seem to get my boyfriend to do that as he constantly has to be doing something productive - the complete opposite to me! x

  6. Yey! Funny to read that title in English, "humm Anatolia? Once Upon a Time in Anatolia what could that be?" Then i got it and yes, you're right about the style. I haven't seen this particuliar one yet but i have seen most of the other ones and still in the same way of expression yet with a little more action to it, Three Monkeys from him is amazing to my taste! It's like something happening and still it's making you think about everything! And oh you couldn't be dissapointed about the images with these stunning views of my beloved city going on there! Well conclusion: i recommend you this one another time you decide to keep things low key if you haven't seen it already! And great to see you post again after quite a long time!
    Love from Istanbul!

  7. Ah, I do love Heals. My local branch is in Brighton and I have to pop in for a browse every time I'm nearby. Love the Donna Wilson fox / badger cushions <3 ...not to mention your fox-face Estee! haha. Great post :) x

  8. Ahh man! I'd just about gotten over my addiction to Belgian waffles.. back off the wagon for me.

  9. I really love your makeup table setup. Mine is similar but a little less organized and not as many products!
    Love your blog

  10. I just watched the Boyfriend Tag video you two made and now I'm pretty much convinced that you guys are the cutest couple in the world. ;) I love this post, too - these kinds of days are the best, I think!

  11. You are adorable! I'm now following :D My friend Faye (FayeWonderland) pointed me in your direction last night, she said I would love you and she was correct!! x

  12. I absolutely LOVE your blog and your YOutube channel!! ¨<3

  13. I love your blog. Love from Turkey :)