Saturday, 31 December 2011


I miss coming home to this.

See you very soon,


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A start.

Hello there ladies and gents (although at this point in time I think its only ladies). If you havent figured out it by now, this is not Estée but its Aslan a.k.a. Goose. I realised at some point last week that I ought to do a post otherwise this whole blog is going to seem a one sided affair. 


 I decided to pop my blogging cherry by a simple little post that will (hopefully) make up for my other half's broken promise. When Estée embarked on her journey across the pond she originally intended to intensely document it. But you know what flying is like right? Getting up a the ass crack of dawn; cold public transport; arguing over luggage weight, getting felt up by a stranger etc etc. Basically, its a delicious orgy of stress, so I dont think we can really blame Estée for overlooking a little thing like constantly taking pictures.

 Dont worry, I am here to help out and provide a substitue of sorts to that promise. Here are some pictures I took from my last journey that involved a stress orgy. Enjoy!

 Oh one other thing. I have no idea what I am doing here. I know this is a blog about Estée and I, but I dont know anything beyond that, so get ready for some random posts to be coming from me. I still have not decided what I am going to limit my posts to so it could any of the following: life updates, posts about our little dates, philosophising with half baked ideas, craft related things, general rants, camera/lens reviews, camera tutorials, music reviews, and things that 'grind my gears'. I am just giving you a polite warning early on so you can abandon ship now. 

Bye for now,


Saturday, 24 December 2011

One of My Favourite Things!

My mom always says, "the best things in life aren't things". This is true, but let me show you a little something I consider to be one of my most prized possessions!
When Aslan & I went on our USA ROAD TRIP a few summers ago, I found the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on. It's a seashell jewellery box!
Every single inch of this box is covered with intricately placed seashells. It's one-of-a kind & I really feel like this item was made for me! 
I really love the detail along the edge of the lid. I feel like this is so girly & summery & just perfect! I was so scared it would get ruined in the car, but luckily it survived without a scratch! 
This is the shop we bought it from. I have no idea what the name of it was, but it was in Cape Cod.
The funniest thing was that the owners dog was sleeping on the counter when we went to pay-AND it wasn't even a small dog! 

Alligator heads EVERYWHERE in the USA! You should have seen Louisiana!! I even held a baby alligator there! Scary! 
When I first saw it I said "I absolutely love it, but it's just tooooo expensive" & then I went back to the hotel and thought about it all night long. We rushed back the next morning & luckily it was still there!

Just thought it might be nice to show something that means a lot to me.

What are some of your most prized possessions?


Sunday, 18 December 2011

Button (& Mama Button) Make Cookies!

One of my favourite memories from growing up is making sugar cookies with my mom. 
No one's sugar cookies taste as good as my moms SO, I always make it a point to eat as many as possible while I'm at home. 
See that little *neon* green slip of paper? That's the same recipe card we've been using since I was maybe 7 years old! See title: Sugar Cookies (The Best!)
Had to make a lil' video of course!
 Make sure you get all of your cookie cutters ready to go. As you can see we've been collecting quite a few & I'm sure my gramma has thousands more in her basement. Lord knows she has surplus amounts of EVERYTHING. In fact, we just went to Wal-Mart the other day so she could pick up MORE toilet paper & salad dressing. *Future post* A look into my grandmas pantry.
 OK, so after you roll out the dough, start putting those cookie cutters to use! 
Make sure to dunk your cookie cutter in flour before you start because it will stop the dough from sticking to it. Unfortunately, it doesn't always help. One goose lost a foot.
 There you have them! A wide variety of Christmas treats (Lions, Geese, Canadian Flags)..
 Now for the clean up. Luckily, my mom always does it because I don't do it right. FINE by me.
 ALWAYS put icing on them! I don't know the exact recipe for this, but basically it's a butter-milk icing. (Butter, milk & icing sugar). Add a bit of food colouring & VOILA!
 MMMMmmmmMMMmmMMM. The lion didn't turn out so well, but I think the rest of them are Okay!
 JUST LOOK AT THESE GEESE. I think they are the cutest cookies we've ever made!! 
& look, we even made a Button! 
Goose & Button


Thursday, 15 December 2011

5:30AM, Button Goes to Canada, All Things Canadian:

Allow me to introduce myself! I'm Button (AKA: Estée). I'm 21, born & raised in Canada, but now live in London, UK. I get to go home for Christmas! It's been almost a year & I'm absolutely dying to go back, but will deeply miss Goose.

Goose is my boyfriend. He's 22, born in Kazakhstan, but has lived in London, UK for the majority of his life. He's going to be my co-blogger! I'll just say it, we're madly in love & it pains us to be apart!

Here's a little snippet into your 5:30 AM travel to the airport. We were a bit upset.
Especially Goose, but you didn't hear it from me.
After an (almost) 8 hour flight, I'm home! Toronto! What a feeling this was! It's hard to explain, but for the first time in a year I didn't feel anxious & I just knew where I was & felt home. Was surprised I didn't see THIS when I arrived. 
My favourite. TIM HORTONS. If you're not  Canadian you won't appreciate this, but it's basically a Canadian necessity. Can't live without your Tims coffee & donuts!Or in my case, muffins! Ahh, my favourite. The chocolate chip muffin. Tastes just like it used to when I was a kid-except they're now double the price & half the size.

Onto the DAIRY Products:  Cheese Curds: The Squeaky Cheese
If you're Canadian, you're bound to know what these are for. Besides snacking, cheese curds are put into  (is it our national dish?) POUTINE! MmmMMmmmMMMmmmmm... I'm sure there will be an upcoming post dedicated to the deliciousness of poutine.
Yes, our milk comes in cardboard cartons as well as BAGS! BAGGED MILK!

Saved the best for last! My favourite fast food restaurant. The place I go when I'm feeling happy, sad, neutral. I absolutely LOVE...A&W! Such an amazing menu not to mention the decor. Just click on THIS link & take a look at their website. ROOTBEER! If you eat in *not in this case* they serve your root beer perfectly cold in a CHILLED mug because they don't want to dilute the flavour. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.