Sunday, 18 December 2011

Button (& Mama Button) Make Cookies!

One of my favourite memories from growing up is making sugar cookies with my mom. 
No one's sugar cookies taste as good as my moms SO, I always make it a point to eat as many as possible while I'm at home. 
See that little *neon* green slip of paper? That's the same recipe card we've been using since I was maybe 7 years old! See title: Sugar Cookies (The Best!)
Had to make a lil' video of course!
 Make sure you get all of your cookie cutters ready to go. As you can see we've been collecting quite a few & I'm sure my gramma has thousands more in her basement. Lord knows she has surplus amounts of EVERYTHING. In fact, we just went to Wal-Mart the other day so she could pick up MORE toilet paper & salad dressing. *Future post* A look into my grandmas pantry.
 OK, so after you roll out the dough, start putting those cookie cutters to use! 
Make sure to dunk your cookie cutter in flour before you start because it will stop the dough from sticking to it. Unfortunately, it doesn't always help. One goose lost a foot.
 There you have them! A wide variety of Christmas treats (Lions, Geese, Canadian Flags)..
 Now for the clean up. Luckily, my mom always does it because I don't do it right. FINE by me.
 ALWAYS put icing on them! I don't know the exact recipe for this, but basically it's a butter-milk icing. (Butter, milk & icing sugar). Add a bit of food colouring & VOILA!
 MMMMmmmmMMMmmMMM. The lion didn't turn out so well, but I think the rest of them are Okay!
 JUST LOOK AT THESE GEESE. I think they are the cutest cookies we've ever made!! 
& look, we even made a Button! 
Goose & Button



  1. those goose cookies are too friggin cute.

  2. This is such an awesome post! I'll definitely try the recipe, even though I don't have any goose or lion cutters. I'll do little snowmen cookies :D
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. The goose and button cookies- so cute.

    Our family loves making these cookies ( ) during the holidays and the last time I attempted to make some (with no help) I burned them all :( I guess family assistance is always needed in times of baking! :)

  4. Oh wow they are so cute, especially the goose. I want to make some of my own now!

  5. Oh, this post really puts me in the mood to bake some cookies...right now!
    Your blog is adorable!

  6. I love making biscuits at Christmas! It's a tradition :)

  7. love them all :) i just wanna go and bake now!