Sunday, 13 May 2012

Music on a Sunday afternoon? Yes please...

Hello all. Today is going to be an interesting post for two reasons. Firstly, its just me (Aslan) solo today, no Estée. Secondly, we are going for a real change in direction with the nature of this post. What sort of direction? Well if you have not already guessed from the title, I am going to give you guys some music suggestions. 

I have some time to myself on a beautiful Sunday and I was just listening to music in the background and I decided I should do something a little productive by treating you guys to a little aurgasm. (To the confused, that was a pun and this is post will not be sexually related at all, so calm down and stop getting too excited). 

If you are a little sceptical at this point (in a way I am a little too), I say don't jump ship right at this moment: stay. We are going to find out together if our scepticism is true. Bear with it and give it a go and perhaps possibly you might just have discovered a song (or maybe even an artist) you love.

I am going to give you just 5 tracks (it was very painful to get the list just down to 5) suggestions and they are all going to be electronic music. This area of music has gotten a bit of a bad rap because of popularity of horrible 'dubstep' and people like Skrillex but there is so much more happing in this genre of music at the moment that it would a crime if some people did not get to sample so of its real golden moments. 

1. "Before I Move Off" by Mount Kimbie.

These two guys from London formed this amazing electronic brotherhood that has created some of what is arguably the most important music post-2010. "Before I Move Off" is probably the most popular song off their 2010 debut album (Crooks & Lovers), which one is well worth a listen. Critically acclaimed, they are often seen as being partially responsible for the rich world of 'post-dubstep' music, with many successful artists (like James Blake) taking heavy influences from Mount Kimbie. The thing that I like about this song is that you can tell right from the beginning there is a tinge of sadness about it (the title kind of confirms this) which adds a nice human element and makes me want to get up and just do something, no matter how mundane. I love listening to this when I just get off the tube and start to walk home.

The official video for the song is great too, fits it so well: just get up and go somewhere, do something.

2.  "Cushing" by Blithe Field

From the most successful and know in this list at number 1, Blithe Field is the least successful. This is one guy from Ohio who makes music on his laptop and this song is just one beautiful nostalgic journey and this song comes from his 2011 LP "Two Hearted". His songs are often litered with speech samples that sound like they have been taken out of a the perfect Americana childhood. Blithe Field is one of the best examples of the greatest attribute of electronic music at the moment. You do not have to be popular or have a big studio to create great content. The internet is littered with thousands of artists who create amazing tunes and give them away for free. Here is a link to Blithe Field's bandcamp where you can download all his music for free.

Whoever created the video to the linked youtube song was a genius too, work great with the song.

3. "M.O.P.E" by Ambassadeurs 

Don't really know much about Ambassadeurs; I think he is a British DJ/Producer. But what I don't know doesn't really matter because this track is so catchy and the vocals are distorted in such a delicious way that me want to play this song over and over. Incredibly well produced track, the baseline and the clap tie in so well with the vocal samples; and the way they just all seem to organically and effortlessly melt away and combine with each other is done with such skill that I bet many DJs who listen to this are a little jealous. 

4. "Numb" by Clams Casino

Clams Casino is a Hip-Hop producer from the USA, who is has risen to fame recently as he produced records for Lil B, The Weeknd and the great debut from A$AP Rocky that made into a lot of critic's top 50 lists back in 2011. When you listen to just his work on its own (rather when it is being covered by rappers), it is not too beat based, he seems to thrive on creating textures rather beats on their own, there are so many things going on but they all come together and makes something intensely atmospheric. This song is a great example of that and is one of the highlights from his mixtape titled "Instrumentals" that he released in 2011; this song is also used in A$AP Rocky's mixtape under the title "Demons". 

5. "4D" by Koreless

This song is great way to demonstrate how dubstep is not all rubbish crap that teenagers everywhere dance to in terrible clubs and equate music as "tranformers having sex". Strictly speaking this is a dubstep track, but it manages to use not only basslines but vocals and some nice timber sounds to create a catchy track. Koreless is a 20 year old DJ/Producer from Scotland, who has gained some success and was even featured in one of the Boiler Room sessions recently (a kind of holy grail for emerging electronic artists). This song comes from hise 2011 EP titled "4D/MTI", the second track ("MTI") is also well worth a listen. 

Well done if you have stayed with it this far and listened to all the tracks, I appreciate the effort. I hope you might have stumbled across some music that you like and if it features in some of your playlists then that would make me a happy man. Please tell me in the comments what you did like, what you did not like and maybe even why. 

Also tell me if you would like these sorts of posts in the future. I know this is an unusually change from the usual blog posts you see on here, so any sort of feedback about that would be much appreciated. 

Talk to you guys soon,


P.S. Before I go here are some honourable mentions that you can delve into if this has piqued your brain cells (they are all linked so just click away):


  1. Mount Kimbie are absolutely incredible, Crookes & Lovers was an amazing album. Four new songs have been recently released which are also awesome the song called 'maybes' is probably the best out of the 4 so I would suggest checking those songs out :)

  2. another suggestion for a tasteful execution of dubstep is Spoek Mathambo, the guy's incredible.

    and also a piece similar to 4D I found is a musician called Onra. Kind of what we say in Thailand "same same but different".

    Brilliant post!

  3. Hi Aslan. I really enjoyed this post about music. I'm always interested in what other people are listening to and what they enjoy. It's sometimes hard to hear about new bands, songs, albums, etc. when the majority of people just listen to the crap on the radio. The lesser known acts tends to produce the more creative and all around better music so I appreciate you taking the time to introduce a few new groups.

  4. Blithe Field's "Crushing" is absolutely brilliant. It'll be on repeat for a while. You've a fantastic taste in music. Thanks a bunch for this post! :)

  5. you know your stuff! :)
    might like this:
    enjoyed this post, more music ones would be good :)
    much love x

  6. Hey Aslan, (you too Estée if you're reading this) love your taste in music, and I also love these kinds of posts. Nicely done, nicely done.
    So, I discovered your lovely blog via youtube (I'm therealstory1924 on there, which may or may not mean anything to you, but you've replied to a few of my comments:)) and I recently stared a blog of my own, (see where I'm goin with this yet? sneaky self promotion...) and it would mean the world if you'd check it out? I dunno how you really feel about 'spam' so, sorry if this comes off as rude, but hey, shot in the dark!
    It has absolutely nothing to do with beauty, in fact I write about books, music and movies, so indeed, I am barking up the wrong tree, but, like I said, thought I'd give it a shot.
    In summation, I adore all your social networking platforms, and the both of you make my day on a regular basis, so, yeah. Have a wonderful day. New follower:)

  7. the one that I liked the some was the Ambassadeurs. the vocals make me think if 90s music. LOOOVE IT i've never heard of them before but it made me think of Four Tet or Flying Lotus... at some point many sound similar though. i also liked Clams Casino, but i pretty much like everything that man does. also love A$AP. the one that didn't speak too much to me was Mount Kimbie.... lol sorry. I know you like it, I just couldn't get the feel for it. I'll add some of these to my iPod. make more blog posts about music in the future. Essie should do one too

  8. Hey there, tahnks for this nice post! The songs you picked are real art, that's for sure! But they also reminded me of the reason, why I dislike this kind of music. I really prefer handmade music. Anyways it's always nice to be introdunces to some new and not yet famous artists.

  9. ...thanks...

  10. M.O.P.E by Ambassadeurs is an unreal track, I believe I have heard it while out as it sounds quite familiar !
    I love seeing what other people enjoy to listen to as its nice to get a bit of variety now and again !
    I'd love to see more of these types of posts, you've a great taste in music

  11. Hey there!
    What a nice post, I'd love more of those!
    And of course I have a little recommendation aswell ;-)
    I don't know if you guys heard of flako (aka dirg gerner) yet..if not, he's definitely worth chekin out!

  12. Great tracks - tfs! so far my favourite is n.4 :-)

    1. repetitive, slightly evolving tunes with well blended effortless vocals are definitely my cup of tea. reminds me a bit of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Radiohead..

  13. Brilliant post! My favourites were Mount Kimbie and Koreless although I'm going to be adding all of them to my itunes.
    I'm going to shamelessly plug my boyfriend's music blog now, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't think you might appreciate it! I promise! You seem to share the same anger at the current abomination of dubstep and a keenness to defend the genre, so maybe you'll share tastes too. Anyway, he posts nearly every day and usually the tracks come with free downloads so maybe worth a peek if you're having a musical kinda sunday :) xxx

  14. Mount Kimbie, Nicolas jarr, and shlohmo are some favs!
    I hope Estees listening to this stuff too!
    you should post some of your photography as well

  15. I really enjoyed listening to these tracks
    Thank you


  16. "Cushing" by Blithe Field gave me goosebumps.
    not in a bad way, it just really took me back to childhood memories.

    i recently discovered Essie and you, and i have to say that i'm impressed. totally diggin' ya'll style.
    keep it up.


  17. Hi, love!
    I found your blog very interesting and I think you do a great job! A lot of inspiration for myself!!!

    I would like to keep in touch with you. Would you like to follow each other blog on GFC and Bloglovin?

    Lots of love,

  18. Blithe Field and Ambassadeurs were my favorites. Am now going through both of their bandcamp pages. This post was awesome. Would love to get more music recommendations in the future!


  19. Just stumbled across this blog from watching some girl Louise's birthday video who linked your girlfriend's youtube which had a link to her blog and that had a link to this lifestyle blog.
    I really like your taste in music, thanks for introducing me to the last for artists, I've heard of Mount Kimbie before but not really paid much attention to them. I didn't like the first ten seconds of it but after that it was pleasing to the ears for me anyway. Ambassadeurs has some trippy video effects going on there ! kinda links in well with the music I think. I agree with you that the vocals are woven into the track very well. Anyways thanks again.

  20. Hello !
    Thank you very much Aslan for sharing those songs ! It's really nice to get to know you a bit more, you seem like a really nice guy.
    I listened to every song several times to get used to them and I apreciated each one of them with a preference for "Cushing" by Blithe Field and "4D" by Koreless.
    I was precisely looking for those kind of songs, at the moment it matches my mood ^^
    Anyway thanks again for sharing and don't hesitate to do it again, it was really appreciated.
    Love from France !


  21. I forgot to say that one of my favorite artist is Bon Iver, it's not electronic music but you might like it. Here is his last single Holocene and an acoustic version of Flume from his first album :

    You surely already know him but I like his songs so much that I have to mention him just in case.
    Have a lovely day/evening !


  22. Really cool to get to know your taste a bit more, Really liked listening to a different type of electronic music. Ambassadeurs are really good, checked them out and downloaded some of their songs. Wicked.


  23. I love you guys x I am your newest follower! Xxx
    Please check out my blog x I am new and I don't know much about blogging x
    I love watching your videos and you are hilarious x ❤

  24. Yes Yes Yes more of this please

  25. Great post. Your blog is stunning <3
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  26. Oh I LOVE this post! Thanks for much for sharing this! I already think Koreless are brilliant, and all the other songs are right up my street! Have been craving something new so this is great :) M.O.P.E is amazing!!

    Laura @

  27. P.S: This should be a monthly thing!

  28. Hi! Could you, maybe, check out my blog? I'm kinda new and I know you get a lot of request like this, but said I'd try my luck. :)

  29. I love this post! Specially because I don't listen to electronic music and everything was new for me. I like the regular posts but I think this new and different posts are great every now and then :)

  30. I think I'm in love with you Aslan. Thank you very much for this! I know it's really hard to narrow your favourite music to 5 especially when you're introducing new people to it but you managed to do that really well.

    I particularly liked the first song. Watching the video made me feel like I was with them through their journey and the places the saw and the people they met. But as you mentioned, the song did evoke an element of sadness. You know when you're always travelling and as exciting as it may be, there is this longing deep down to be at home where familiarity and routine is comforting.

    I was also gonna mention Nicolas Jaar and then I read the rest of what you wrote. You've probably listened to this one of his:
    I Got A Woman-

    Also, check out Gold Panda, this one's my favourite:

    And lastly, Hudson Mohawke
    Twistclip Loop-

    Sorry for taking up your time but these two below might not be in the same genre as what we're discussing but they're worth a listen:

    Alt-J - Tessellate-

    SBTRKT- Trials of the Past-

  31. I ENJOYED THESE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. I decided to follow you, I see you have passion for blogging. I hope you can check out my site: and hopefully join. Keep posting, and stay true to your passion. Thanks and God Bless!

    Steven B.

  32. Thanks for the post Aslan! I don't know much about this genre of music so it was great to get more explanation than usual when listening to something. I hope you continue to do that will all your recommendations.

  33. Thank you for the great tips! I loved all of them! Would appriciate more music posts in the future as well.

    I'm going to throw in some scandinavians for you. One of my absolute favourite artists is the norwegian duo Röyksopp. I especially like two of their albums: Melody AM and Senior.

    Cashmere Cat (also known as DJ Final), is a norwegian DJ, and came out with the EP Mirror Maru last year.

    I've also been listening a lot to this track by danish Rangleklods:
    Young & Dumb -

    And as foodlattio commented, Alt-J Tesselate, LOVE that track (and the entire album)

    Have a great day!

  34. It was great. Yeah. The first one especially, oh so smooth... Such posts on music in the future will be great.

  35. nice blog dear! maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

  36. i remember this blog! Do you still go through it sometimes? Would you ever post things on here?

  37. I’m impressed and I like your blog! Everything is so beautiful! I think that you do a great job! I know that blog requires much time, but keep doing it!

    Diana Cloudlet

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