Sunday, 22 January 2012

Canadian Thrift Store Finds!

Going to antique markets, thrift stores & junk shops is something both Aslan and I love to do!
 It's even better when we do it together because there are two sets of eyes!
Aslan and I have similar, yet very different tastes when it comes to second hand items.
Sometimes I love what he chooses & other times I have to give him the stare down (ladies, you know the one)..

We didn't actually do too much thrift store shopping while in Canada, but there were a few things we just couldn't resist!
We even made a youtube video about it!

Onto the first item,
    A schnitzel-shaped vase!
I'm still almost positive this is called milk-glass.
I love the look of white décor.
In fact, in Canada my entire room is basically white!
This little guy was hiding at the very back of the shelf.
This is why ample time & a lot of searching is necessary if you want to find some treasures!
If you're not in the mood for wasting a day away, I suggest you go another time!
I was really attracted to the little bobbles for some reason (haha)
& the shape is pretty hilarious as well. SOLD!
Next up is a wooden box! Pretty standard, really.
I have no idea why I wanted this. 
For some reason it caught my eye & I thought for a couple of bucks-why not!?
I'm still not sure if I should paint this, or just leave it.
Maybe put some blushes in there? Hmm, I don't know.
What do you think?
 My new coffee filter bowl! ($0.99)
This has got to be one of my favourite things (aside from the fruit bowl coming up next)! 
I've already set it up on my makeup table. It's filled with eye primers at the moment!
It's quite weird really because I don't actually drink coffee.
Maybe I'm a coffee lover at heart.
(I had an issue with drinking at least 6 cups of coffee a day from the ages of 16-19. Now I can't even look at the stuff).
 FRUIT BOWL! ($1.00)
Whenever I'm scouring the housewares section in thrift stores I put myself into my "future home" mode.
You may have heard of Pinterest? A place where dreamers can come together (that's cheezeeee)..

My advice is to imagine your perrrfect home (Pinterest has helped me think of new ideas) when going through the aisles.
Ask yourself, "does this suit the vision I have?"

THIS is one of my favourite houseware items I've ever come across!
& let me tell you-there have been MANY!
A little silver polish thanks to my Grandma & it's sparkling!
Currently holding plenty of clementines!
It does the job & looks great doin' it!
Silver  Tea Tray ($3.99)
Another beauty related item! Yes, I am obsessed. 
As I said in the video, I plan to put my perfumes on this try & whatever else I think might be useful.
Now I just need to find the space for it!
One day I'll have all the space in the worrrlldd. Oh, to dream.
I used to go to MUJI for all of my beauty-related storage, but I've learned.
Not only is it a bazillion times cheaper, but it's so much more interesting! 
I would love to walk into someone's house & see all of their hand-picked items!
Especially the functional ones!
I'd love to know of any interior focused blogs you read!
I really enjoy seeing different styles & getting some inspiration (especially storage!) (and if it involves makeup storage EVEN BETTER)!
Note: Aslan is not interested in beauty storage.



  1. oh i like the coffee filter bowl and tea tray :)


  2. The silver tray is beautiful! I've wanted to purchase one like these for so long but I find most them you find in regular stores are so over priced. I adore the florally pattern on the one you found!

  3. I love all your finds, especially that tray for your perfumes. though id be careful with that vase, next to your bed it could look a bit kinky!!!!!

  4. Why is that vase called "schnitzel-shaped"? As far as I can see, the shape looks nothing like a schnitzel.. =)