Sunday, 8 January 2012

What We've Been Up To:

 Good morning ladies and gents. It is a beautiful sunny Sunday over here in Canada, and being the cave dwelling hermits that Estée and I are, we decided to stay indoors and give you guys a little update on my trip to Canada. 
Here I am at Heathrow Airport in London, and this was pretty much one of the most taxing flights I have ever taken.
My flight was early in the morning on the 1st of January and I had to a stop-over at Paris as well so I couldn't really get any decent rest. 
Goodbye England, you soggy grey land.
Hello Canada, you cold (very cold!) yet bright land.
It was freezing when I got here and it was snowing quite a bit too! I'm glad I packed my long johns. 
I got to Toronto in the late afternoon and was picked up by Estée and her lovely Mum.
I was pretty beat so I just wanted to get some rest, but we managed to sneak in a quick visit to Harvey's where they make some of the most delicious burgers!
This was one of my christmas presents from Estée's Grandparents: a HUGE jar of peanut butter, and by huge I mean obnoxiously large.
This thing weighs 2kgs!!! The biggest jars of Sunpat in England are like only a quarter of the size of this heart attack in a jar. 
On the road. Estée is driving me around here which makes for a nice change. 
A quick pit-stop. Tim Hortons is a Canadian hot spot best known for it's delicious coffee, donuts & let's not forget Tim Bits (the donut holes). 
On the road again, but now fueled up. Estée cannot get enough double doubles! (Double double=two creams, two sugars when ordering coffee).
Talize- a local thrift store.
Let me tell you, British charity shops have nothin' on the sheer volume & size of North American second hand stores.
This is bigger than the average Sainsbury's!

The view from the inside. Denim anyone?
Lost in the sea of second hand goodness. 
Saw this funky shirt. It made out this material that felt like chain mail.
We did make a little video of me modelling it but unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with that. 

Estée's still workin' on that double double believe it or not! 

BAM! Nostalgia

Canadian Problems. Frozen slush/future rust.

This is a standard sized portion for a burger over here.
And this is a standard sandwich. 
Estée looking a little uncomfortable after that burger.
A little gem we found in another second hand shop called 'Value Village'.
Estée looks a little like Baba Yaga here. 
Eric (Estée's Brother). Red eyed & dangerous.

Me looking like the Asian version of Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys. 

Picard's Peanuts!
We're not too sure if this is a one-off, but Estée remembers coming here on the regular as a kid.
Ontario grown nuts! How can you go wrong!?
Some lovely Mennonites in the peanut store.
We were tempted to buy them, but at 30 bucks each we had to say no way!

Speaking of mennonites, we took a little trip down the road to the St. Jacobs farmers market to take a look at some salves & ointments.
If you want to read more about these-their uses & the history, take a look at Estée's LONG post on her beauty blog HERE!

Here we are in DOLLARAMA!
Limited Edition French Canadian Corn Flakes from the dollar store!
The chip aisle in one of the larges Wal-Mart stores either of us has ever seen.
It probably takes about 15 minutes to walk from one end of the store to the other.
I warn you now-do not get Estée going on the topic of A&W.
I never knew one woman could love one fast-food place so much.
There's a lot of history behind this place, though!
Her grandma tells us she remembers going on dates to A&W with Gramps- pulling in, rolling the window down & waiting for the waitress to rollerblade out & place the tray on the car window!
There's also retro music that plays from outdoor speakers as you pull in! 

Of course we had to go skating!
 Luckily Estée's brother's skates fit me so we didn't have to buy a pair.
(Almost impossible to rent skates in Canada because if you're Canadian you're BOUND to own your own pair).

There you have it!
Don't worry there will be MUCH more to come!
Next week we're going to Toronto & Niagra Falls!
Estée & Aslan


  1. Oh my god, those second hand shops look actually AMAZING! Bet it would be so hard to find things though! x

  2. the baba yaga photo.
    p.s. can i come live with you pleeeese.

  3. I absolutly love the snow photos, they're so idyllic!

  4. nice!!!
    nice photos!
    i wanna go to that second hand shop!!!
    i never seen that big!

  5. that sandwich looks amazing! really making me hungry. My dad lived in Canada for a year when in the Army and loved it so much we nearly moved there. wish we had :)

  6. looks like you had fun! After seeing those photos I'm feeling pretty hungry haha. I wish we had those huge thrift stores in the UK! xxx

  7. Picards is not a one off. There are 8 stores acrossed SW Ontario. You might be lucky and see the one in Niagara on your travels.

  8. Wow the food looks amazing and looks like you're having a great time! X

  9. what camera are you using? or did you edit the pictures. nice pictures xx

  10. Wonderful photos, makes me want to travel.

  11. Estee, you are really cute as a button. You guys make an adorable couple. I loved watching the two of you interact on YT.

    I go to Uptown all the time this is so awesome, please od a meet up if you ever come to kitchener :)

  13. THIS IS WATERLOO ISN'T IT? :O HAha, kind of late on this post, but I go to Laurier! Kinda sick how you were here and I didn't even know back then :(