Sunday, 29 January 2012

Goose & Button Go to the Museum! (Date 1)

So Aslan and I are doing this new thing where each week we're going to make it a point to go on a date!
Last year, we were both a tad too homebound & mutually decided we needed to make a change!
The dates are going to be all sorts of things!
(preferably free, but occasionally we'll part with some loose change).

We are also starting another thing. Everything written likes this is done by me (Estée). And everything written in italics is done by me (Aslan), just to save everyone the confusion and the fact that I hate referring to myself in the third person. Anyway, lets get on with the romance shall we:

This week, we went to TATE Britain.
Me trying to be CUTE in the underground. I even curled my hair!
To see my full outfit of the day, take a look here! She looked really nice that day, in fact I felt bad because I made no effort whatsoever, and when I say that i am not being modest (I wore drainpipe brown trousers). 
Nearly there! The tube station in Pimlico is decorated appropriately which is always nice to see. There is not enough variety on the underground.
Dr. Seuss trees. The tree surgeon had a field day, it did make them look like ents though.
Here you have it! TATE Britain!
This was my first time there! 
To be honest, I don't really "get" art in the same way others do.
BUT-when I see something I like, it really speaks to me.
I really love TATE Modern, so I was a bit worried I wouldn't like this one as much! Turns out I do!
It always seems like TATE Britain is always overshadowed by its bigger sibling, but to be honest it is much more pleasant (fewer groups of loud european students!), approachable (different art from different periods means there is something for everyone) and smaller (your feet will be much happier).
Aslan can't seem to resist concave mirrors.
I love taking pictures of people in meseums/art galleries.    
Quite the chandelier. 
For some reason I was really drawn to this. 
It kept flashing on and off in an artistic manner.
Lord knows what it's meant to represent, but it was nice.
I think this actually won the Turner prize a while back, and I can remember a lot of people getting in a hissy fit about the most coveted british modern art prize being awarded for the lights being turned on and off. 
These stairs were quite a nice surprise, usually everything but the art in galleries is clinically white.
Of course, I can't go anywhere without getting hungry!
I casually made my way down to the café & got some designer ready salted crisps.
Whenever Aslan & I go somewhere, he usually gets into some sort of mood where he ends up giving me this face.
APPARENTLY he does it because he's imitating me! 
He's just mad because I made him eat the gross, soggy biscuits from the café that cost £5.

That's it!
Date number 1.

Do you like these posts?
If you can think of any ideas for our London dates please let us know! 


  1. Haha loved this post and physically LOLed at the trees that look like Ents (it's so true). Love your lipstick, Estee, pray tell: what is it? x

  2. so cuute! I love your hair curled it really suits you :) I live in Canada :) so I don't know much about London specific dates but you could maybe find a cheap drop in cooking class those are always fun! or even learning a dance together, we have drop ins here but I'm not sure how it works over there!

  3. LOVE these posts, you two are such a bloody lovely couple! X

  4. Such a cute idea. I definitely need to do this a lot more with my boyfriend. By the way guys, I can't get enough of this blog!

  5. You two are far too cute! Looks like you had a great day, I'm very jealous I can't wait till I can make the big move to London (from New Zealand!) one more year of Uni and I'm there! haha.
    and also good idea on changing up the writing so we know who it is! :)

    Emma x

  6. Great post! My boyfriend and I are doing the same thing. I took a video on Saturday to write a blog post about it actually. Damn you guys! We went to Holland Park and had a stroll around, looked at the peacocks and squirrels and the coy carp and then went imaginary house hunting in the area before heading to Portobello. That was a nice date.
    Greenwich Park and the Observatory is a nice free date especially if you go when Greenwich Market is open too. The Science and Natural History museums are quite fun. We also do a weird thing where we'll pick a prominent building in the London skyline and try to find it without using google maps. That's quite fun - like a treasure hunt.
    Looking forward to the next one!
    Carly x

  7. love this post, cant wait to see more. you are making me think about mine relationship, we are very comforatble satying in or just going to the local. you both have motivatedb me to ask him out on a date, been together 8 years so he may think im weird!!!!

  8. That chandelier is beautiful! I love reading your blog posts when you write it together :D

  9. Love the posts! Feel like I went on the date with you :P More please :D x

  10. you guys are the cutest! what camera do you use?

  11. This post is adorable, although, moving forward they may become dangerous as it will only strengthen my want to be friends with you : P

    I'm always surprised when I see people taking pictures inside Art Museums. I know it's also allowed in the States, but back home in Australia, it tends to be frowned upon for some reason. Maybe it's just a weird Aussie thing haha

  12. Great post! Thanks!

    If you're looking for another museum style date but with a bit of a twist, I would highly recommend the Victoria & Albert Museum Late Nights. They're the last Friday of the month and as well as being able to go round the museum until 10pm, they also have DJs and food and various events.

  13. Awh! You guys are making me miss living in/dates in London with my bubs so much, I can't wait to go back to that! (Ah, the pains of being American) What a sweet day you guys had. :)

  14. I did a whole art project on the Tate Britain and had to write loads about the chandelier. Basically, everyone loves it because it lights up in Morse code and transmits a message. I just liked it because it was pretty :) x

  15. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely check out the Victoria and Albert Museum :) x

  16. My sister sent me your youtube channel- I'm so glad she did ~ I love it!!!
    You have a new follower- I'm off to check out your blog!

    ~ Kelly~

  17. I love the idea of these posts! I would love to see more! London is so beautiful!

  18. Is the Coral Reef still there? I went inside it last spring, and I thought it was really cool.

  19. You guys are THE CUTEST! I love you both!
    P.S Estee your makeup is gorgeous in this post! xx

  20. Me and my boyfriend read this post together and decided to make this kind of weekly dates our new years resolution:) I find many similarities between you guys and us, thus it makes it even more intriguing to read your blogs which are so funny ans inspiring! xx