Thursday, 5 January 2012

Late Christmas Present

I have been thinking about getting Estée a little ring for a while now, and what better time to surprise her than Christmas right? This is not an engagement ring or anything serious, but I just wanted to give her, what I suppose most people would call, a 'promise ring'. So here it is:
 Initially, I was thinking about going just for a plain silver band but after hours or scouring the web I realised that they are all exactly the same and somewhat uninspiring. Once I understood what I was looking for it was quite simple really because I knew instantly where to look. Estée showed me an amazing blog a couple months back called junkaholique, which is run by a husband & wife team who also create rustic/artsy pieces of jewellery that they offer under the guise of Rust. As far as I am aware, I believe all their jewellery is handmade in their little workshop in London, which is something quite special in the age of mass produced 'alternatives' that you see on the British High Streets.  
 The ring that I settled for in the end is a little silver oak leaf mounted on a simple band. It was quite hard to make up my mind which one to go for; in the end it came to down to between this and the bay leaf equivalent, but that was only available in gold and I am not really a huge gold fan (probably something to do with early childhood memories of being kissed in a very slobbery manner by my golden grill'd Grandad).
I just chose the one that I thought Estée would like best. With the benefit of hindsight I suppose I could try and pretend I saw some symbolism between the oak trees and things lasting a long time (Estée hoped that was the reason for my choice) but to be honest I just like the way it looks (yes I am a horribly shallow person). 

What do you think? Hope you guys like it. 

Ta ta,



  1. awww you are so Sweet to Estee. I asked my boyfriend for a ring for my 21st and gave him no hints but wanted a nice one, as after all it was my 21st. and he got it perfect, nothing over the top, just simple and with diamonds, I was so happy he knew me well. And I think you got it spot on with Estee, not that I know her well, but Im sure she loved it.

  2. Thats a great christmas gift, I'll definitely have to check out this rust

  3. What a gorgeous gift, that is the nicest gift ever. I'll need to check out this shop, I want this for myself! x

  4. Woww this ring is beautiful! *.*

  5. I really like the ring ! You made a great choice here :) x

  6. it really is a lovely ring! Great choice Azlan

  7. It looks a bit like a feather, like a goose feather :)